Hand in Paw

Ringo is an absolutely adorable, sweet Chihuahua mix.  He weighs 4 pounds, and is approximately 6 years old.  He is potty trained, loves everyone, is so well behaved, and is the perfect, calm, loving sidekick.  He is comfortable in all situations, and would make an amazing therapy dog.


Nate is a super cute, friendly, 20 pound terrier mix.  He is very affectionate and playful.  He gets along with children, all dogs, and kitties too!  He would be a great hiking partner!

Jewel is the cutest, sweetest terrier mix.  She is 10 pounds, extremely loving, and gets along with everyone.  She is still recovering from a broken spine, but she gets along just fine.  She still needs a diaper for inside because she is dribbling urine at times.  But she is a perfect girl!

Harlow is a 3 year old, gorgeous, chihuahua terrier mix.  She is very athletic, loves to sleep in your arms and cuddle, and she gets along with all dogs and kitties.  She is potty trained and a wonderful companion!





These chiweenie pups are 8 weeks, SO cute, playful, and potty trained!  They love to cuddle, and they weigh about 2.5 pounds.  They are all female, except the tan one on the far right.

Terrance is a super adorable, playful, cuddly, and loving chihuahua terrier mix.  He is approximately 9 pounds and 7 years old.  He loves dogs of all sizes, kitties, and children.  He loves to be held like a baby and sleep in your arms.  He also loves to wrestle.  He is a beautiful little guy, with a sparkling personality!



Freddie is such a special boy!! He is a 3 year old, long-legged, terrier mix, and he will win your heart in 2 seconds.  He has the most fun, positive personality.  He dances on his back legs and is always smiling!

Georgia Rose is a hilarious, affectionate, super smart poodle.  She is about 9 years old, and just underwent cataract surgery to see again!  She is great with all other dogs, kitties, and people.  She loves to play, wrestle, give hugs, and explore.  She weighs 16 pounds and is potty trained.






Sunny is a beautiful, energetic, and hilarious, 8 year old bichon-poodle.   He LOVES his toys, and loves to play with all other dogs and kitties.  He is a very sweet boy, and his sight is challenged, but it doesn't slow him down one bit!  He is 14 pounds and an absolute love!

Chase is an awesome, uniquely beautiful, 2 year old terrier mix.  He is extremely smart, and gets attached to the people that he spends time with.  He is potty trained, 14 pounds, and very affectionate.  He gets along with all dogs and is great with kids.



Annie is the most amazing poodle!  She is approximately 4 years old, and is so affectionate and smart.  She is a very special girl, and deserves the best family ever!  Annie weighs about 13 pounds.







Ruby is a one year old, chihuahua/spaniel mix.  She is SO sweet!!  She loves to cuddle and she is very affectionate and enthusiastic whenever she meets people.  She adores everyone!  



















Available Dogs and Kitties  (Come see us every Saturday and Sunday at Unleashed by Petco in                                                                                                           Monrovia, from 10am until 2pm!)