JON SNOW  Adopted!







Available Dogs and Kitties  (Come see us every SATURDAY at Unleashed by Petco in                                                                                                                                            Monrovia, from 10am until 2pm!)

Harlow is a 3 year old, gorgeous, chihuahua terrier mix.  She is very athletic, loves to sleep in your arms and cuddle, and she gets along with all dogs and kitties.  She is potty trained and a wonderful companion!

JEWEL  Adopted!






FREDDIE Adopted!

Freddie is such a special boy!! He is a 3 year old, long-legged, terrier mix, and he will win your heart in 2 seconds.  He has the most fun, positive personality.  He dances on his back legs and is always smiling!


Jewel is the cutest, sweetest terrier mix.  She is 10 pounds, extremely loving, and gets along with everyone.  She suffered a broken spine, and has since recovered, but she gets around just fine.  She just has funny little walk.  But she is a perfect girl!




Carlos is a 7 month, very sweet, gentle, and quiet terrier/maltese mix.  He gets attached to people very quickly, and loves to be held.  He gets along with all dogs, loves all people, and is eager to please!




HARLOW  Adopted!

Jon Snow is the CUTEST Husky puppy!  He is 11 weeks old, and recently had his rear, right leg amputated, due to an unknown injury.  It doesn't limit him in any way!! He is so smart, loves everyone, is potty trained, and loves to play and run!  He is an excellent hiking partner, and will cuddle with you always!


Hannah is a 9 week old, terrier-chihuahua mix, who is the perfect combination of playful, feisty, cuddly, and sweet!  She loves all dogs and people, and is a very confident puppy!


Buttercup is the sweetest, most well-behaved girl!  She is 6 months old, and she is a long-haired chihuahua.  She just wants to be by your side and love you.  She is potty trained, gets along with all animals, and an easy, lap dog companion!






Cookie is a 9 week old, chihuahua mix!  She is adorable, affectionate, playful, cuddly and loves children.  She can be taken anywhere and be extremely well-behaved.  She is a very special, quiet girl, who will be an amazing best friend for a very lucky family!



Rascal is a 4 month old, terrier-chihuahua mix.  He LOVES to be held and cuddle.  He is a bit shy, very sweet, and gets along with all people and  animals.  He loves to give kisses!  He is currently 7 pounds, and has a beautiful personality!



Oscar is a very expressive, quiet, loving, and tiny Chihuahua mix.  He is very social with other dogs, and loves to be held.  He is just over a year old, and is absolutely stunning!  


OSCAR  Adopted!

Hand in Paw